PDM - Positioning Data Module

The most precise and reliable positioning system in Motorsport.

With its continues developments EM Motorsport is now able to provide its PDM – Positioning Data Module unit for different applications.

The main use of the PDM is of course to precisely identify the position of a racing vehicle which information can be used for advanced positioning analysis.

Thanks to this module, Formula 1 teams are able to add these information to their strategy data for best pit stop time. Knowing exactly where other racing vehicles are around the track, permits to understand when is the best time for pit stop and where the car will be after this stop.

Positioning information are used also for “traffic” information. Is well known that a fast lap or a qualify session may be ruined by slower traffic. Knowing exactly the position of all cars permits to better decide when is the best time for the fastest lap.

Thanks to the precision of the PDM unit, drivers can use this data for better understanding driving trajectories.

Safety is our goal.

Cars cutting a chicane, stopping after an accident, parking on a service road are all crucial information for Race Control operators which need to react as quickly as possible to maintain Safety at the highest level.

The PDM is part of EM Motorsport award winner Marshalling System.

Main Features

  • Inbuilt 3 axis +/-24G accelerometer
  • Inbuilt 3 axis gyroscope
  • GPS receiver
  • 1Mbit CAN bus interface
  • Down to 30cm Accuracy
  • 100Hz positioning output
  • Plug and play unit

Technical Data