F1MS, RSMS – Marshalling Systems

Since 2003 EM Motorsport is a principal supplier of electronic safety devices, sensors & custom-built systems to the Motorsport industry, and we are proud of our reputation for reliable, high-quality & innovative products.

Marshalling System is the core of EM Motorsport researches and developments, a growing project designed to adapt to the continuously evolving Motorsport world.

Car positioning is the base of this system. Knowing exactly where a racing car is with extreme centimetre precision makes the difference. Racing teams can take advantage of this solution to create their best strategies for qualify lap, best pit stop moment or even for driving trajectory analysis.

Safety Car, Virtual Safety Car, DRS, Push to Pass, Red flag or any other flags used in the Motorsport can be managed and monitored at all time.

Marshalling System is all about Safety. Safety is all about being sure that a message is received and correctly understood.

With its bi-directional Radio System, it is possible to maintain a constant communication between Race Control and the racing cars therefore being able to inform Drivers of dangerous situations on the course.

EM Motorsport T1, T2 and Info panels are all connected and easily managed through the Marshalling System. The High visibility and wide angle are appositely designed to drivers from their focus on the racing line and inform them of any possible issue on the track.

At the same time, the flag information is sent to the car dash for a major understanding.

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