Digital flags, car positioning, telemetry and live data communication are tough challenges in Motorsport. EM Motorsport offers the most reliable and accurate marshalling solutions for both Circuits and Championships.


Flag Panels T1

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Flag Panels T2

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Marshalling Systems F1MS, RSMS

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Solutions ADR

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Starting Light System

Solutions Starting Light System

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From our clients...

"The EM Motorsport starting system console at the start gantry is intuitive to use and the software in Race Control allows us full flexibility - We can control the whole system directly from the gantry console or the EM Motorsport software in Race Control."

Technical Director, Monza Circuit

"We are very impressed with what the system we have here at YMC offers and are extremely pleased with how you have worked with us. Having the system in place therefore results in a 40% saving in manpower and associated cost. Whilst the flag system itself is a leap forward in terms of safety, we are now also utilizing the OBMS for our day-to-day Retail operations. This further improves safety standards and allows us to monitor in near-to-real-time not only the position of all cars on the circuit but also their respective speeds (as some of our instructors have discovered to their cost!)."

Race Control Operator, Abu Dhabi Yas Marina Circuit

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