ETS - Enhanced Telemetry System

EM Motorsport ETS – Enhanced Telemetry System has been developed to help users to analyze on board car Data logged in the ADR3 or CMD2. Thanks to this software versatility, is also possible to analyze data coming from other sources using CSV format.

Graphs, curves and Templates are all configurable by the user for the best personalization. With ETS is also possible to create personalized Math channels to Enhance the data Analysis.

Zoom, Shift curve, compare, Highlight and many other options have been introduced through out the development of this Software.

ETS features also the capability of Real Time data acquisition. Connected with EM Motorsport Marshalling and Telemetry Systems is able to display on the pre-organized graphs all the information coming from the Racing cars Real Time.

Main Features

  • Highly customizable, Templates, Curves and Graphs.
  • View, analyze, shift and compare logged data.
  • Quick search tab for channels.
  • Real-time data acquisition (compatible with EM Marshalling and Telemetry Systems).
  • Cursor synchronization between graphs.
  • Compatible with EM Motorsport .emd file.
  • Compatible with any .csv file.
  • Mathematical channels creator.
  • Built-in EM Motorsport ADR configurator.

Technical Data