EPA - Ear Plug Accelerometer

EPA – Ear Plug Accelerometer is the best possible solution to analyze the decelerations suffered by the human brain.

Advanced three-axis accelerometers are inserted into the driver's ear channels so as to obtain the most precise acceleration data possible.

3D models can be created based on  the Information of the head movement of a driver during an accident.

These are essential for Safety improvements and design of new technologies for reducing brain concussion.

“It was the footage from that, along with on-board data recorders and in-ear accelerometers, that have offered an unprecedented insight into what happened.”
Jonathan Noble, 2016 talking about Alonso crash in Melbourne 2016

EM Motorsport is the Official Formula 1 supplier of EPA system and thanks to the EM Motorsport ADR, it is possible to log all these vital information and analysed in case of an accident.

Main Features

  • 3 Axis accelerometers each ear channel
  • Easy integration with audio system
  • CAN line communication
  • Up to 1KHz data rate
  • Light and robust cable

Technical Data