Starting Light System

The complete solution that integrates everything needed for a race start.

The EM Motorsport Start Light System (EM-SLS) has been designed to allow complete versatility of the system enabling it to control standing starts and rolling starts as well as track days, driver education and other alternative circuit uses.

The EM-SLS is fully compliant with the FIA International Sporting Codes (Appendix H, 2.4.6 – Starting lights and procedures for race use), the FIA recommended Light Signals for Standing Starts and It is also compatible with the FIM – Standards for Circuits.

The system can store up to 5 manual or automatic start sequences and can also control the race-prestart procedure, all of which are completely customizable.

The EM-SLS utilizes state-of-the-art LED technology for increased reliability and visibility. The LED Start Lights are modular items that can include a repeater which can be positioned behind the light for television purposes, or before the main Start Lights to allow marshals and spectators to have a full understanding of what is happening at any time.

The EM-SLS also has the ability to control the circuit’s Pit Lane Exit Lights in either manual or automatic modes, and also take over the handling of the Pit Lane Entry Horn and Grid horns.

The system can function with multiple Control Consoles allowing complete control and over-riding features to be administered from Race Control or other parts of the circuit.

In addition to the Start gantry Console, the EM-SLS can be fully controlled by our EFS Software.

Are you ready to start?

Main Features

  • Automatic or manual sequence for Race Start.
  • Automatic or manual control for Pit Exit Lights.
  • Pre-Race start procedure.
  • Multiple consoles.
  • Fully integrated with EM Motorsport EFS Race Control manager Software.
  • Extra Bright 200mm or 300mm LED Lamps allowing high visibility in all weather conditions.
  • Carbon Fiber or Polycarbonate Lights options.
  • Easy and intuitive command console with full graphical representation of start lights.
  • GPS time synchronization.
  • FIA and FIM Starting procedure compliant.
  • Anti collision strobe lights integration and activation (EFS Only).
  • Timing loop integration for Pit Lane horn and automatic blue Pit-Exit light.

Technical Data