ADR - Accident Data Recorder

The ADR from EM Motorsport is a cutting-edge accident data recorder that is FIA homologated, which means it comply with the highest standards required by FIA.

It uses a combination of internal accelerometers, gyroscopes, a CAN interface and other advanced sensors to capture essential data at the scene of an accident. These sensors are able to capture data related to the vehicle's movements and accelerations at the time of the accident. This information can be used to determine the cause of the accident and to identify any areas where improvements can be made to vehicle safety. Additionally, the ADR includes a real-time clock and a GPS receiver, which can be used to augment the accident data and provide more detailed information about the accident location.

A USB interface is integrated, which makes it easy to download and configure the device. With this feature, users can easily connect the ADR to a PC and transfer data using the USB interface. Additionally, the ADR is fully compatible with EM Motorsport's ETS - Enhanced Telemetry System software. This advanced software allows users to analyze and interpret the data captured by the ADR in more detail, and make data-driven decisions about vehicle safety.

Other notable features of the ADR include its ability to log data at up to 1KHz, its "hard-mount" design, which allows for secure installation in a vehicle, and its multi-color LED status indicator, which makes it easy to monitor the device's status at a glance. Additionally, the ADR's compact size and lightweight design make it easy to install in a wide range of vehicles.

Main Features

  • Inbuilt 3 axis +/-400G accelerometer and also 3 axis gyroscope.
  • GPS receiver and CAN bus interface.
  • CAN logging capability.
  • 500MB of logging memory.
  • USB mountable for easy download and configuration.
  • Logging of data at up to 1KHz.
  • Super capacitor to allow logging and ‘graceful shutdown’ after power loss.
  • Real-time clock provides time stamping of data.
  • Designed to be hard mounted.
  • Multi-colour LED status indicator.
  • Fully integrated with EM Motorsport ETS - Enhanced Telemetry System Software.