This week sees the start of the 2014 WRC season that kicks off with the historic Monaco Rally. And for the first time the WRC cars will be fitted with the EM Motorsport uADR. The unit’s small form factor and all-in-one-box solution is ideal for WRC and the GPS function makes it ideal for use in the off road stages. Because the uADR has a 16Gbyte memory and an easy to use USB download it is also well suited to use in the long rally events where there may only be occasional access to the cars. In the unfortunate event of a serious accident the ADR gathers vital ‘at the scene’ data from its internal accelerometers, gyros and GPS (as well as data from the car ECUs) that is used for safety research and development as well aiding medical assessment of the drivers likely injuries. The uADR is provided as part of the FIA Institue ADR Programme.

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