ADR3 – Accident Data Recorder 3

EM Motorsport’s ADR3 uses internal accelerometers and gyros as well as a CAN interface to capture ‘at the scene’ accident data in order to aid post-event analysis and safety research.

The μADR also includes a real-time clock and a GPS receiver that can be used to augment the accident data. Super-capacitors are also used to allow a controlled shutdown in the event of a power failure. The μADR also contains 16Gbytes of memory so can be used as a ‘fit and forget’
surveillance logger. Download is via USB.

Main Features:

  • Inbuilt 3 axis +/-400G accelerometer and also 3 axis gyroscope
  • GPS receiver and CAN bus interface
  • CAN logging capability
  • 16Gbytes of logging memory
  • USB mountable for easy download and configuration
  • Logging of data at up to 1KHz
  • Super capacitor to allow logging and ‘graceful shutdown’ after power loss
  • Real-time clock provides time stamping of data
  • Designed to be hard mounted
  • Multi-colour LED status indicator
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