Info Panel

EM Motorsport Info Panel have been appositely designed to display Messages and Information of any kind to the drivers. Thanks to this technology, Race Control is now able to quickly communicate to racers any sort of messages from Chequered flag to “Drive through” or Black flags to car N. XY or else.

Main Features:

  • High visibility flag signals in all conditions.
  • Displays traditional trackside warning flags such as the yellow, blue and red Flags or any othe complex flags such as Safety car, slippery surface, black and orange, and the chequered flag.
  • Fully customisable to display individual images such as sponsor logos.
  • Can be controlled via Network infrastructure directly from Race Control
  • Can be integrated with marshalling systems, allow Race Control full control of trackside flags.
  • Fully integrated with EM Motorsport EFS Race Control manager Software

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