T1 Light panel

Originally developed for use in the FIA F1 championship EM Motorsport’s Electronic flag panels are highly visible light panels that have been designed to replicate the traditional marshal circuit flags, whilst improving visibility and marshal safety.

Main Features:

  • High visibility flag signals in all conditions.
  • Displays traditional trackside warning flags such as the yellow, blue and red Flags.
  • Can also display complex flags such as the Safety car board, Slippery surface, black and orange, and the chequered flag.
  • Fully customisable to display individual images such as sponsor logos.
  • Can be controlled via a remote control to allow flag marshals to remain in safe area.
  • Rear repeater light for the benefit of marshals, spectators and TV audiences.
  • Allows marshals to be free to attend incidents.
  • Can be integrated with marshalling systems, allow Race Control full control of trackside flags.
  • Fully approved by the FIA and in use in the Formula One World Championship
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