OBMS – On Board Marshalling System

On Board Marshalling System

Cost Effective Professional Race Marshalling

OBMS (On-Board Marshalling System) gives the core functions of a high-end marshalling system such as electronic flag signals and car positioning but at a fraction of the cost. The system can be used to support flag marshals or to replace them when appropriate.

A compact design allows easy installation in all types of car and also bikes.

The OBMS unit can be mounted directly on the dash or can retransmit warning flags to existing dash or steering wheel displays via CAN bus. A separate compact LED module is also available and can also be used when space is limited.

Ultra-bright multi-colour LEDs allow Race Control to send clear high visibility Marshal Flag signals directly to the drivers on track in all conditions:

  • Sector specific flags: waved yellows, slippery surface
  • Global track flags: safety car deployed, red flag, last lap, full course yellow
  • Car specific flags: black flag, penalty, waved blue flags
  • Optional audio beeper to support critical flags e.g. red flag.

Race Control able to see the positions of the cars in real-time and make rapid and informed decisions on race management

  • Car positions shown in real-time on race control screens;
  • Full visibility for the Race Director
  • Rapid reaction time from race control
  • Units can also be deployed at Marshal posts and in safety and course cars

The OBMS uses a derivative of a TDM radio to give bi-directional communications between race control and each car. The track status and also car specific flag commands are then transmitted to the cars. The car unit has digitised circuit maps in its memory, the GPS is used to identify which circuit the car is on. EM’s own VDM technology is used to locate the car on the circuit such that the car unit is able to apply the sector flags. This scheme gives a robust system that is able to operate even in the RF black spots or during GPS losses:

Powerful and robust system

  • Track status broadcast to all cars
  • Positioning received from all cars
  • Automatic circuit map selection

The OBMS is designed to be expandable and to integrate with existing systems to give the best functionality and value:

Link to existing systems and expansion

  • Light flag systems:
  • Timing systems
  • Accident severity systems such as EM’s ADR2 products
  • TV coverage content
  • Car data systems(car positioning and flag commands via CAN bus);

About VDM technology

EM Motorsport’s VDM platform augments and enhances GPS when used in motorsport applications. Developed with the data gathered in over 1.5 million kilometers of F1 car running and also with other racing series it is specifically focused on the unique problems and requirements of motorsport vehicle positioning. Formula cars are capable of smaller turn radii than a jet fighter and higher cornering speeds than any road car and so they need a bespoke positioning system. In times of unavailability or unreliable position solutions the VDM platform uses inertial sensors and EM’s own algorithms and processing techniques to give a more stable position solution capable of 100Hz output.

Design philosophy; the OBMS has been developed using the Marshalling System know-how gained by EM Motorsport over the last 6 years but focused on producing a cost efficient and easy to operate system but still one that can be integrated with other systems, expanded and scaled up. From the use of license exempt frequencies to the reuse of core technology the approach has been one of efficiency both in performance and cost.

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