Medical Light Module

The Medical Light Module is a standalone device that is able to detect if a high force impact has occurred during a crash and then give an immediate indication to marshals and medical crews in attendance by flashing the FIA LED (5V 45mA). The module also has an internal energy storage system and can keep the LED flashing in the event of car power system failure.
To detect the high-G accident the module monitors and analyses in real time the signals from its internal 3 axis 500g solid state accelerometer, alternatively the LED can be triggered by an external device via the CAN bus. The device also has the capability to send the accelerometer data and the accident detection status via CAN @ up to 5KHz allowing it to be used in conjunction with other systems (e.g. for telemetry or logging).

Main Features

  • 15 minutes of LED flashing energy self-sufficiency.
  • Triax 500g accelerometer sensor sampled at 5 KHz
  • 30 seconds of CAN transmission energy self-sufficiency.
  • LED flashing set/reset CAN command
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