DTM to use EM Motorsport’s RSMS for DRS

EM Motorsport’s Race Series Marshalling System (RSMS) has recently been expanded to allow a DRS system to be used in DTM for the first time. Now into it’s 2nd year of operation alongside _Wige, the DTM RSMS now not only … Continue Reading

OBMS completes testing with WSR3.5

[youtube_video] Vsbq6LkN4JU [/youtube_video] EM Motorsport have just returned from a successful Formula Renault 3.5 test in Valencia. During the 2 day test, EM Motorsport’s OBMS was evaluated by Andy Soucek at the wheel of the WSR3.5 with very positive results. … Continue Reading

EM Motorsport Launch the Micro ADR

On the back of the continued success of the ADR2 which is currently in use around the world in high end series, such as GP2 and F3, and the changing needs of our customers, EM Motorsport are delighted to announce … Continue Reading

EM Nominated for ‘Most Innovative Motorsport Product’

EM Motorsport are very proud to have been nominated for the ‘Most Innovative New Product’ at Race Tech’s Motorsport Symposium after the development of the Bragg Diffraction Sensor. EM Motorsport’s revolutionary product combines Bragg’s law and fibre optic technology to … Continue Reading

EM launches cost efficient Marshalling System

EM Motorsport are pleased to announce the launch of the On Board Marshalling System (OBMS). Using know how gained from supplying marshalling systems to international motorsport championships, the OBMS has been developed to provide the core functions of a high … Continue Reading

Ear Accelerometers complete further validation testing at the TRL

Last month EM Motorsport supported further validation testing of the Ear Accelerometer system with the FIA Institute (www.fiainstitute.com) at the TRL crash testing facilities in Surrey England (www.trl.co.uk). A series of reference impacts and also recreations of actual racing accidents … Continue Reading

EM Motorsport rounds out the 1st season of Marshalling in DTM

This week’s final round of the 2012 DTM series in Hockenheim not only marks the end of the first season back for BMW but also the first season using EM Motorsport’s Race Series Marshalling System. The Race Series Marshalling System or … Continue Reading

EM Motorsport launches Analogue Input to CAN Module

EM Motorsport has launched its new high performance Analogue Input to CAN module. The unit offers 8 analogue inputs, 2 VRS and 2 hall effect inputs in a package weighing less than 100g. The compact device also provides 2 short … Continue Reading

EM Motorsport releases compact high performance Vehicle Dynamics Module inertial and GPS platform

Using know-how and experience gained from positioning, inertial and accident recording in F1 and other racing series EM has been able to produce a compact and low cost inertial and positioning platform that can be combined with an advanced Kalman … Continue Reading

EM Motorsport develops In Ear Accelerometer system

EM Motorsport has recently delivered the first sets of In Ear Accelerometers to the FIA Institute. The devices were developed to aid the Institute’s on-going research programme into driver safety and in particular head trauma. Working in conjunction with the … Continue Reading