EM Motorsport  is again providing the Safety Car tracking system at this weekend’s prestigious Le Mans 24hr endurance race. The long Le Sarthe track and the different categories of car taking part in the race make the race management much more complicated. This is why the ACO use 3 Safety Cars and the EM Marshalling System allows Race Control to monitor the position of the cars on track in real-time so that the spacing and pace of the 3 packs can be controlled. Because the high performance Audi RS4 must come in for fuel during longer safety periods the EM system is also fitted in a 4th Safety Car, an Audi R8 V10 that must be deployed perfectly to take over control of one of the 3 packs whilst the other car comes in to refuel.

The advanced telemetry radio used in the EM Marshalling System gives coverage even down to the end of the Mulsanne straight with just one receiver station on the Race Control Tower allowing the cars to be coordinated over the entire track with minimal trackside infrastructure.

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